how to get to arrow lake ranch 



Arrow Lake Ranch is located off Highway 45 at Vista between Rossburn and Oakburn, Manitoba.

GPS coordinates: Latitude 50.6844, Longitude -100.7077. Highway 45 can be accessed several ways:

Option #1

From Winnipeg go west on Highway #1 (double lane) all the way to the city of Brandon. At the intersection (traffic lights) of #1 and Highway #10 turn right going north on Highway #10. Continue traveling on this road for around 30 minutes. Go past the Town of Minnedosa up the valley to the intersection of Highway #10 and Highway #16 (Yellowhead Hightway) and turn left onto Highway #16 going all the way to the Town of Shoal Lake.

* Then turn right off of #16 at the intersection (not a stopping intersection) of Highway #16 and #21. Go north on Highway #21 to the small town of Oakburn. Go through this town to the stop sign and turn left at the intersection of #21 and Highway #45 going west to the small hamlet of Vista where you will see Arrow Lake's first sign on your right, which indicates that you must take the next right turn (opposite of town) off of #45 to go north down a gravel road for exactly 3 miles (5 km) until you get to a stop sign where you will see another Arrow Lake sign indicating to make a right turn going east. Go exactly 1 mile (1.6 km) where you will see the third Arrow Lake sign on your left indicating that you make a left turn going north. Go exactly 1 mile, turn left at the fourth Arrow Lake sign, which will take you the last mile going back west into Arrow Lake Lodge & Outfitters. Drive. Continue down this road until you see the lake, your destination is to the left.

Option #2

From Winnipeg go west on Highway #1 until you get past Portage la Prairie and when you hit the set of traffic lights about 5-10 minutes west of the city turn right on Highway #16 (Yellowhead - single lane). This highway passes through the towns of Gladstone, Neepawa, and Minnedosa. At Minnedosa there is an intersection where you stop, where #10 and #16 is merged. Turn right and go north until you get through the valley where Highway #10 continues north and #16 goes west to the Town of Shoal Lake. Follow the rest of the directions from the point in Option #1 indicated with a "*".

Either option is a personal choice. Some like to be on a double lane better than a single lane highway. If you go down to the City of Brandon, you do go further south than if you went on #16, which is a little more direct route. Both routes will take you 3 1/2 to 4 hours to get to our facilities. Both routes are enjoyable, with plenty of places to stop for breaks.

Option #3

Just past the Russell Inn, going east, there is a junction of Highways #16 and #45. Turn left onto Highway #45 going east towards the Town of Rossburn. It will take you 30 minutes to get to this point. There are two entrances into Rossburn, one on the north side (#264) and one on the east side just off #45. You will need to get to the east entrance and instead of going into the town you make a left hand turn going east on gravel road. You will drive 4 1/2 miles and then make a left turn going north; you will see an Arrow Lake Lodge sign on your left to help indicate which road to take. Then you make a left turn going west after driving 1 mile. Here you will also see a sign on your left. This road leads you right into Arrow Lake Lodge and Outfitters. Go past the house to the parking lot at the back of the Lodge.

Crossing the Border

**NOTE FOR U.S. CITIZENS, LANDED IMMIGRANTS OR CITIZENS OF FOREIGN COUNTIES**  You are ineligible to travel to Canada if you have been convicted of any crime no matter the length of time that has passed, except for youth convictions. Entry to Canada will be denied unless the traveler holds a valid Ministers Permit or is able to prove rehabilitation.